Who we are

As a church we pride ourselves on being friendly and loving, progressive and inclusive. We are a faithful congregation who go the extra mile to achieve our objectives. It’s an older congregation but with a liveliness and enthusiasm that’s clearly visible. Ask about how we feel about our church and we’ll talk your ears off. This is our church and we are totally invested in it.

We have:

  • an active ministry to seniors;
  • a generous outreach program;
  • a strong liturgical tradition alongside more contemporary forms of worship;
  • a rich music programme in the Anglican tradition;
  • strong connections to the music and artistic community.


Our worship mostly follows traditional Anglican liturgical forms with a strong musical component.  That said, we embrace alternative forms of worship using music and the arts (Jazz Mass, Jazz Vespers etc) and are very open to the introduction of a contemporary service and other innovative ideas.

  • On Sundays, at 9:00 a.m., we celebrate Holy Eucharist using the BAS rite based on the language of The Book of Common Prayer. This service includes a sermon but no music.
  • On Sundays at 10.30 a.m., we celebrate a Sung Holy Eucharist, led by the choir.  The service includes a sermon and follows the contemporary rite in the BAS.
  • On Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m., we have a smaller Holy Eucharist service in the chapel.  The services follows the traditional Book of Common Prayer rite, including the readings.

We have a very lively and engaged choir who lead the choral worship at our main service every Sunday.  The choir has been built to a high standard by our organist and Choir Director, Michael Goodwin. We celebrate all of the major Holy Days and Festivals throughout the year and, from time to time, we hold Choral Evensongs and other special services. Our Deacon, Fran Langlois, is Deacon-in-charge of the Seniors’ Ministry operated on behalf Anglican Churches in the County. She conducts monthly services in several seniors’ residences and nursing homes throughout The County. We enjoy the active participation of a large number of our congregation in our worship (the Altar Guild, Readers, Prayer Leaders, Chalice Bearers, Greeters and Ushers).


As Followers of Jesus, to be a Loving, Welcoming, Joyful and Caring community, so that by our example we encourage Outreach and Christian Spiritual Development for all.

Robert Wilson, Parishioner:

I enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the fine people who sit in the pews, the Liturgy and the Readings from Scripture, the opportunity to serve and participate in the service, and the Sunday morning fellowship after the service over coffee and dessert. 

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