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New Paten dedicated in memory of Helen Pinkerton

2022-06-26 Bishop Mason dedicating Patten in memory of Helen Pinkerton

Bishop Peter Mason, Honorary Assistant at St Mary Magdalene, dedicated a new paten in loving memory of Helen Pinkerton. Helen was a much loved member of the congregation who served in a number of roles, including especially leading the Altar Guild. She died in October 2021 after a difficult and heroic struggle with declining health, and the Churchwardens and Altar Guild decided a new paten would be a very good way to remember her.

Communion Kit for Deacon Fran

2022-06-12 Fran receiving Communion Kit 1

Our Parish Deacon Fran Langlois has served our parish for 12 years. She was ordained to serve the Anglican Ministry to Seniors in The County, and has been the leader of that ministry since 2017. The Churchwardens decided it was time to equip her with a new communion kit which she will use when bringing communion to shut-ins and seniors residences. The gift was presented to Fran in church on June 12th.

Church Buildings Reopen!


Our Diocese has issued new pandemic guidelines which permit the church to reopen this week. We are very pleased to be able to worship in-person, and we are resuming with these protocols in place:

  • Anyone experiencing Covid symptoms or otherwise feeling unwell, and anyone who has reason to believe they may have been exposed to Covid should not come to church, but should instead join via livestream.
  • Everyone entering our buildings, including for Sunday worship, must show proof of full vaccination.
  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times, and must sit distanced from those not in the same household. At this time those reading and leading the service will remain masked.
  • Choral music will be offered by a Cantor or a small ensemble, but the congregation will not be invited to sing at this time.
  • No one should feel obligated to come to in-person worship. Services are available via livestream, DVDs are available on request, and printed copies of the service are distributed every week to anyone who would like to receive it. The printed version is also available online