The Venerable Charles Morris – Rector

Charles has been the Rector of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, Picton, since March, 2014. He loves leading worship, preaching, visiting with parishioners – in short, he loves being part of this parish community. Since March 2016 Charles has been Archdeacon of Ontario, and in that capacity on occasion represents the Bishop of the Diocese of Ontario.

Charles has had careers both in the church and in the Information Technology business world and he brings a wealth of experience and insight from both those fields.

He enjoys amateur astronomy and he and his wife, Joan, are enthusiastic sailors.


Assistant Clergy

The Rev. William Kidnew: 613-476-3645

The Rev. Fran Langlois (Parish Deacon): 613-476-7988

Bishop (retired) Peter Mason: 613-399-5828

The Rev. Stan Whitehouse: 613-476-8527

The Rev. John Whittall : 613-476-1642



Contact Rev. Charles Morris

Rector’s Phone: (613) 476-3303 or (613) 503-0199

Rector’s Email: