Reaching Out … Reaching Up

The St Mary Magdalene Church building is an important feature of the Picton Main Street, an oasis of spiritual support and a hub of community outreach activity. We are determined to care for the building and pass it on to the next generation.

The campaign to raise the $350,000 needed for this project started April 19th 2015, when the Parish Wardens announced that pledges from early supporters had met half the target. Please click here for an electronic copy of the campaign brochure.

The campaign reached its goal and is now over, but work around the rest of the building will be needed in the coming years, and support is gratefully accepted.

For more information please contact the Campaign Chair, Herb Stone

Phone at 613-476-3359

Or email at




Important Milestones

November 2014: Contract for Tower Restoration signed

April 19 2015: Tower Restoration Fundraising Campaign Kickoff

May 3 2015: Pledges have been received for more than half the target of $300,000. Visits have begun and the response has been very positive.

June 8 2015: Tower Restoration work began at the Church. The Church will remain open for all activities, but the driveway on south side will be closed.

July 13 2015: The Tower Restoration fundraising campaign continues as the work on the Tower itself progresses. We were very pleased to receive a cheque from the County Community Foundation for Built Heritage in the amount of $1,500.  Members of the Foundation committee were on hand to present the cheque to the Wardens.

July 24 2015: Members of the Tower Committee had a tour of the restoration progress. The work is on track and the results are looking very good

August 17 2015: With tickets for the Benefit Production of Unjustly sold out, a cheque for $700 was presented to support members of the Festival Players Young Company participating in the production of Unjustly.

August 26 2015: Special Benefit performance at 8:00 p.m. of Unjustly, with proceeds going to members of the Festival Players Young Company and the Tower Restoration Fund. Tickets sold out and the performance was a great success!

August 30 2015: The Wardens were delighted to announce that to date nearly $290,000 has been received for the Tower Fund. As additional issues have been found, the projected cost has risen to about $350,000, but the Wardens are confident donations to cover this will come in within the next year or two.

September 9 2015: Work on the Tower is nearly complete, with the window louvers and the roofing being worked on this week. Work has begun on some repairs around the front door to the church which can be done more easily while the team is still onsite.

September 30 2015: Construction is finished! The site has been cleaned up and the restored tower looks beautiful.

November 29 2015: During a special service with our Bishop Michael Oulton, the Tower was rededicated. It was announced that just over $321,000 out of an expected $370,000 final cost has been raised so far.

February 5, 2017: During the Parish Annual Vestry Meeting the Churchwardens were pleased to announce that a total of $391,000 has been raised. All investments from which we borrowed to do the work have been repaid, and the additional money raised will be used to start restoration work around the rest of the building. While this deterioration is less severe than was the situation for the tower, it must be done to look after the building, and continues donations towards this effort will be gratefully accepted.