Weddings at St. Mary Magdalene

If you are interested in exploring being married at St. Mary Magdalene’s, please contact our Parish Office at 613-476-3303 or the Rev. Charles Morris at charlesmorris78@gmail.comYou can tentatively reserve space in the church, as we continue to explore together whether St Mary Magdalene’s might be a good fit for you.

We offer Anglican wedding ceremonies and would be pleased to discuss the details with you. All are welcome to celebrate their life commitments at St Mary Magdalene. In 2013, Bishop Michael Oulton presided over a Service of Thanksgiving for the civil marriage of two gay members of our congregation. This was a first in the Diocese of Ontario.

Baptisms at St. Mary Magdalene

In Baptism we mark the start of our journey as Christians and become members of the Church. In the Anglican Church we baptize infants and children as part of the commitment of their parents to nurture their faith in Jesus Christ. If you were not baptized at a younger age, we would be pleased to make that step with you now.  

Baptisms dates are arranged with the clergy, so please speak to one of us.

Confirmations at St. Mary Magdalene

In the service of Confirmation we invite our Bishop to bless and prayerfully support our determination to follow Jesus. In the Anglican Church Confirmation is often intended to allow those who were baptized at a younger age to express their commitment for themselves. Any who have not been confirmed are welcome and, for those who have already been confirmed, we offer the opportunity to re-affirm your faith.  

Please speak with one of the clergy about opportunities to express your growth in Christian faith and commitment.

Receptions and Celebrations at St. Mary Magdalene

We have two wonderful buildings, our church and our parish hall. Erected in 1913, our church is a magnificent building with beautiful stained-glass windows, a splendid sanctuary, a lovely side chapel and phenomenal acoustics. When you enter the church, the grandeur, the lighting, the space all combine into a feeling of warmth and welcome.

Our parish hall (1890) has a fully equipped kitchen and can seat and feed 150 people at a time. It’s a gem – light, airy and inviting.

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Funerals at St. Mary Magdalene’s

We seek to offer you the comfort of the Christian faith during the difficult period following the death of a loved one. To arrange for a funeral, please call the office directly at 613-473-3303, or after office hours call the Rev. Charles Morris at 613-503-0199.

One of our clergy will be happy to meet with you to provide grief support and begin the preparation for a funeral service. They will help you choose a traditional or a more contemporary Anglican funeral service. You will be able to personalize it with readings, music, and a time of thanksgiving. There is ample space at St. Mary Magdalene’s for a reception after the service.