What to Expect

Worship in Church

At St Mary Magdalene we appreciate the rich tradition of liturgy of 2000 years of Christianity, and preaching and teaching from the Bible which is open, inclusive and generous. St Mary Magdalene is a place to share and explore difficult questions rather than easy answers. In worship we enjoy beautiful music, and the rich symbolism of traditional liturgy. We seek to give a warm welcome to all people, irrespective of race, age, gender, physical ability, way of life or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive church.

Our worship mostly follows traditional Anglican liturgical forms, using both official Prayer Books (the traditional Book of Common Prayer and the more contemporary language Book of Alternative Services). Our services are formal, but not stuffy. Sunday morning services are followed by coffee and tea as the community enjoys each other's company. We do not have a Sunday School, but children are always welcome, and many of our Special Services are particularly accessible to younger folk.

Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Holy Communion using a contemporary form of language. This service is about an hour and a quarter, features a sermon, a choir, and includes congregational singing.

Special Services

Easter Sunday features a joyous and well attended service which includes a special story for the younger members of the congregation.

In August we offer a Jazz Mass in collaboration with the PEC Jazz Festival. The church is always packed for this service which combines our liturgy of Holy Communion with the freedom of Jazz improvisation.

On Christmas Eve the Candlelit Communion Service begins: a magical celebration with special music and a Christmas message.

Music Music Music

Music is an important and integral part of our worship every Sunday morning. In addition, the acoustics of the church are exceptional, and we are pleased to share the experience with the community by hosting a variety of musical events.

In July and August Music at Port Milford offers a series of concerts featuring internationally acclaimed musicians, and St Mary Magdalene is the host venue. Sunday afternoon concerts conclude the Music camp's sessions, allowing the students to showcase their accomplishments. In September St Mary Magdalene is the host site for The PEC Chamber Music Festival concerts.

St Mary Magdalene is blessed with a beautiful organ installed by Casavant Frères of Quebec in 1914 and expanded in 1974. Pictures of the organ and selected performances of music can be found by following this link.


At St. Mary Magdalene we truly enjoy spending time together. We take every opportunity we can to socialize and are delighted to welcome others to join in the fun. We listen, we talk, we catch up, we get to know each other a little more. Coffee and Tea follow our Sunday Services, with treats on special occasions.

Other gatherings like the weekly Bible Study, Women's Magdalena's group, and Men's Prayer Breakfast provide more opportunities to work together and get to know each other.